Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Challenge the Body

Appraising Your Success

The end of the week is a good time to review your SWEET Life and count up your accomplishments. Your goal is 5-6 times per week for each aspect of the SWEET Life: Sleep, Water, Eating, Exercise, and Tranquility. If you didn’t achieve some of your goals, then focus on those areas more and think about how to fulfill them more consistently. You need a plan, not a hope, in order to be successful. If your plan isn’t working, it’s time to revise your plan.

How do you feel at the end of this week? Are you better rested? Do you feel relaxed? Are you more energetic? Do you feel generally healthier? If so, that’s great! Continue with the SWEET Life and you’ll continue to experience all of these feelings! If not, know that by living the SWEET Life, you will feel all these great feelings!

Topic of the Week – Challenge Your Body

I’ve exercised consistently and even changed my workout, but I haven’t seen positive results. What’s going on? Whenever I feel this way and whenever I start to feel sick or stressed out, I focus on living the SWEET Life. Am I really living the SWEET Life, or do I just think I am?

For instance, I changed my workout and am biking a lot more. Sometimes, I’ll bike 10+ miles/day, which, I think, is a good workout. I’m often pulling a 100-lb. trailer of kids and their stuff, so isn’t that a workout? At the same time, however, my 10 miles is broken up into smaller segments throughout the day. That’s an excellent way to build up exercise for those who are not used to it. But, for me, it doesn’t challenge my body the way that riding 10 miles straight would. I’m exercising; I’m going through the motions, but my new exercise plan is not challenging my body.

I’ve heard moms of toddlers question their weight gain or lack of weight loss, saying they get a lot of exercise chasing their toddlers around. However, their bodies are used to chasing toddlers around, so they aren’t challenging their bodies.

It’s been referred to as a plateau. People mid-weight loss will hit a plateau where they stop losing weight. Why? Their bodies have adjusted to the diet and exercise program and have modified their energy consumption (i.e., metabolism) accordingly. They need to change their workout to challenge their bodies.

The problem for me is that it’s often easier, these days, to piece together parts of a workout than to find the time to complete a full, challenging workout. However, if I want to have positive results, I need to make the time to challenge my body.

Look for another topic next week, and keep living the SWEET Life!

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